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The affordable on-line legal research for the New Millennium

RetrieveLaw™ is an up-to-date, user-friendly, cost-effective, on-line legal research service. We provide key legal research through state and federal cases, statutes, daily opinions update, judicial council forms, public records, cite checking and much more.

• What do I get as a RetrieveLaw™ Member?

When you sign up for RetrieveLaw™, you will have access to Member Services including all 50 State and Federal Cases with cite checking capability, State and Federal Codes, State and Federal Rules, Interactive Judicial Council forms, Generic Forms, Daily State and Federal Court Opinions updates, summaries and MUCH MORE!

• Daily Opinions

Summaries for decisions of certain state courts, federal courts and the US Supreme Court.

Daily opinions for all 50 State and all Federal Courts are placed in a searchable database for each of the jurisdictions.

Searchable databases of certain unpublished opinions are also made available as daily opinions.

• State Supreme Court Cases and Appellate Cases - with official pagination

All 50 States have cited and paginated cases with case history. The paginated cases are from official reports as well as from regional reporters. We offer easy search methods to look for paginated cases. For certain cases that are not paginated in the actual reporter because they are unpublished cases, we make the daily opinion available, if issued by the court, so that customers can at least have the benefit of referring to it.

• U.S. Reports

United States Supreme Court Reports going back to 1906 with selected opinions going back to 1793.

• CheckMate™

Cite checking system developed and maintained by us is available for almost 25 states right now. We are in the process of completing the remaining states so that this product is available for all states.

• Electronic Case Histories

All paginated cases are available with Electronic Case Histories, which are automatically generated.

• Codes

Most state databases have searchable Codes/Statutes. The database is updated regularly as and when the updates are available at the state level. The database is searchable by section numbers and by keyword/advanced search also.

• Rules

We provide Local and State Rules for most of the states. We are in the process of offering rules for all states shortly.

• Additional features

At RetrieveLaw™ we are constantly striving to improve our database to make the best possible selections available to our customers. Our teams of legal consultants provide us with valuable input about the needs and requirements of legal practitioners in various states, which helps us to improve our site constantly.

• Features

Hyperlinks to other cases cited in the opinions.
Easy copy and paste to your word processing program.
Full Boolean logic search capabilities.
Save your searches for future reference.
Search cases using docket numbers, citations, party name or keyword.
Easy to use Boolean operators.
Rapid Retrieval™ allows you to quickly retrieve documents.

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